Dr Dinesh Chauhan, 29-31 March 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria

Integrative Holistic Multidimensional Approach in Case taking and in Reading and Understanding Remedy

Dr Dinesh Chauhan


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I have always believed that a holistic all inclusive integration in all aspects of homoeopathy will take the homoeopathic art and science to its peak…

Be it in the case witnessing process, be it in giving advice to the patient, be it in follow ups, potency, be it analysing to prescribing the remedy, in understanding the materia medica, in utilising the repertory, in dealing with different types of cases, a holistic integration is a the pivotal key in the homeopathic journey.

If we have an holistic understanding of the materia medica, repertory, of different schools of homoeopathy, of medicines in their natural form, as well as of the patient, then applying the similia principle becomes effortless, matching the holistic centre of the patient with the holistic centre of the remedy becomes effortless, then the homoeopathic science with all its different approaches becomes all inclusive, under the one tree of the integration and holism…


Understanding sensations of higher order of plants and finding the sensation of a higher order as well as each family in that higher order from MM/ Rep/ proving/ source and then connecting to the themes ( of various masters like Yakir/ Scholten/Rajan Sankaran)

Whole (Sensation) (PQRS at holistic Level) of the remedy + PQRS at PP/PG/MG of the remedy + Disease (Diagnosis) (Sphere of action) of the remedy + Diathesis (temperament) of the remedy + Miasm of the remedy + Themes (Thematic Materia Medica) of the remedy + Proving of the Remedy + Kingdom/subkingdom/source of the remedy + Peculiar Rubrics of the remedy + Mythology and natural habitat of the remedy+ Peculiar Chracteristics of the class+genus+family+order+higher order+series of the plant kingdom.

The integrative holistic multidimensional approach in understanding the Plant Kingdom will bring about a complete understanding of each remedy and each family and giving an understanding to the less proven remedies, as well as helps in completing the understanding of the remedies of which very less data is available. This approach makes it possible to use rare remedies also with an integrative holistic understanding of the remedy.

  • Exploring sensation of Higher Order like Lamiales (labiatae group). Also higher order Malvales, Carnivorous group with rare remedies their sensation and understanding of its subfamilies (tribes).
  • Exploring the sensation of individual families in the some higher orders for example Lamiales (labiatae family group with families like Lamiaceae, Oleaceae, Verbanacea, Orobanchaceae, Plantiginaceae, Scrofularaceae), Malvales (with families like Malvaceae, Thymelaceae, Cistaceae, Bixaceae) and Carnivorous plants with their families like Droseraceae, Nepenthaceae, Sarraceniaceae and Lentibulariaceae.
  • Exploring sensation of rare drugs of common families. Example sensation of rare remedies of Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) like Apium graveolens, Angelica archangelica, Phellandrium aquaticum, Zizia, Ammoniacum, Heracleum sphondylium etc.
  • Right Brain appoach in homeopathy and case witnessing process through story telling, fairy tales, novel writing, autobiography to explore the Center of the patient.



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